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 Made in UK

Silk Scarves by Kalpanik

Heritage Reimagined

Devi Silk Satin Scarf

Red and Pink, two valiant colors come together to form Devi, the divine and sacred.

Mali Silk Satin Scarf

Mali print embraces the classic vintage color theme, inspired by traditional design elements.

Dheli Silk Satin Scarf

The bold design elements of the Dheli print evoke images of the classic frescoes of India.


The word Kalpanik means imaginary or created from imagination. Most of the world's art is, at first, Kalpanik.


​Kalpanik brand is born from the nostalgia of home and passion for art from around the world. 

Travels fuelling exploration and inspiration, Kalpanik is a brand where all beautiful design recollections come together and create a place of evocative harmony.